The Forgotten Day – Dr Desmond Ford

The following papers on the Sabbath, prepared at different times over the last twenty years, are not written in the style of my Daniel commentary, or university thesis, The Abomination of Desolation in Biblical Eschatology. They are prepared for the wayfaring man on a topic of practical duty–should one, or should one not, be concerned with the fourth commandment? This is no esoteric matter requiring the jargon of professionals, but an issue of such importance that God has made the weight of evidence plain enough for all who really wish to know what is truth, regardless of the extent of their formal education.

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Seventh-Day Adventism

The Investigative Judgement And the Everlasting Gospel

A Retrospective on October 27, 1979
by Desmond Ford


Dr-Desmond-Ford-Daniel.8.14Daniel 8:14, The Day Of Atonement, And The Investigative Judgment

By Desmond Ford

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